Switchboard using PBX Technology

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Communication is important in large companies or facilities with people having corporate roles. Proper communication creates productive output in the workforce, no matter how distant offices are. The entire business flow depends on the exchange of information, which is the major job of a well-framed telecommunication.

Switchboard operators are vital parts of the telecommunication system in a company. They are the ones specialized in answering general calls within the company and in maintaining internal communication. They distribute information through a centralized call and receive service calls from clients. Without switchboard operators, it will be very hard to relay information.

The main goal of the switchboard is to control vital information needed in a companyís activities. Usually, switchboard operations are categorized according to the description of calls received and made for the company. Some are specialized on overhead paging, dispatches and emergency responses. Switchboard operation makes use of private branch exchange to connect to all parts of the company.

Private branch exchange or PBX is an exchange serving a private business. Unlike a public telephone exchange that receives all forms of call from public callers, a PBX serves calls only within the premises of a company. However, it is able to provide service for outward calls if necessary. A company can either own a PBX device for its internal communication or choose to have it hosted and maintained by a hosted PBX support.

With PBX, a switchboard team can make communication exchange in any room or office in the building when needed. The system used is a lot similar to the system used in call centers but the area of jurisdiction is limited and the job descriptions vary. Switchboard operation using PBX is not limited to telephone communication; it can also include paging using radio systems. Improvement from private owned PBX system to hosted PBX solutions has managed all forms of communication involved in the switchboard operation.

Today, even the use of old telephone switchboards can be replaced by PBX technology. Operations can be done virtually using high-tech equipment included in the service package by any telephone company. However, unlike a hosted PBX support that stays in the providerís area, the switchboard team uses this equipment in the company clientís building.

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