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Many people think treating acne is not a task which can be done at home. I want to contradict this point as one can easily home acne treatments to heal him or herself from acne. There is one point to consider that if your acne is between light to moderate level, you can use home acne remedies. The things required during these acne treatments can be easily bought from a nearby grocery store.

The hot sun is considered as the most widely used natural and positive acne solution. Ultraviolet rays from the sun tend to kill the bacteria residing on your skin. These rays kill the acne and dries up the skin’s excess oil.

Another widely used acne remedy is a bean tea. To prepare bean tea, you need to boil a package of green beans in a quart of water for almost ten minutes along with three tablespoons of chamomile (dry). Cover it and steep it until it gets cooled. After it gets cooled you should strain and bottle the tea. Now you can use it to wash our face for around three times weekly.

Aloe Vera juice or gel is one of the popular acne treatments Calgary that neutralize problems and start acne healing. It can be drying, so you are required to use a lotion or moisturizer later even though many think they should not. Another juice to apply is lemon juice. It is typically an extremely effective home acne solution. The acid inside the lemon cleanses pores and supports healthy skin regeneration. Lemon Juice helps with oil removal, killing bacteria, and regulating the skin's pH balance.

Cucumber also works well for acne. To use cucumber, a recommended process is to blend a peeled cucumber and apply its juice to your skin. Afterwards, clean your skin thoroughly and apply egg whites on your face or any other acne area with a cotton ball or cotton swab. Leave it on for a while; it is good for your skin because it works as an astringent.

Natural oatmeal is also beneficial for home solutions to treat acne. It is found to be extremely advantageous for all types of skin irritations. Simply apply lukewarm or slightly cool cooked oatmeal to your face for 12 minutes and then wash it off completely. Natural oatmeal is an acne solution and also an astringent because it washes away oil and impurities of the skin, keeping skin clean and acne-free.

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