Swingline Paper Shredders- Changing the way you shred

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Swingline shredders are a new brand of paper shredders is going to change how you shred your documents. Swingline shredders are technically speaking the new face of paper shredders bringing a new and quicker way to shredding.

Like any shredder Swingline shredders have been built to destroy sensitive information on everyday business documents and prevent corporate espionage. However with their innovative design it is much easier to shred documents with their stack and shred option for their paper shredders. This greatly increase the ease at which shredding can be done. Not just that it enhances the safety level for shredding because unlike traditional shredding where you have to stand and wait for the shredder to shred your documents. However with Swingline shredders, the company has introduced an innovative feature called “Stack and Shred”. With this paper shredder, you will be able to shred stacks of documents in one go. This method is not only quick and easy but it is also safe because unlike in traditional paper shredders where you have to hand down the documents from the top of the shredder that greatly risks getting your hand in contact with the cutting blades, Swingline shredders give you the option to stack up your documents you need to shred in the shredding compartment, close the lid and then let the paper shredder do its work. Although there are infrared heat detectors on conventional shredders, however they are not completely foolproof. With Swingline paper shredders you have just have to place the documents in the compartment and begin shredding.

Swingline shredders are available at different security levels. From level 1 right up to level 5, Swingline paper shredders facilitate all of your shredding needs depending on the security level you require according to the documents you shred.

The shredding technology too is designed to shred document much more quietly as compared with other models which doesn’t disturb you or what you are working on. Another great feature about Swingline shredders is that they are energy friendly. It automatically switches to the energy saving power safe mode reducing power consumption and making it more environmental friendly.

Swingline shredders have an innovative way to shred documents in a quicker and safer manner. Swingline goes by the slogan of Stack, Shut and Go, the three steps to innovative shredding. They are worth every penny because they completely fulfill your requirement to secure shredding.

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