Sweet Smelling Lips Are A Piece Of Cake With The Fairy Cake Lip Glosses

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Sweet Smelling Lips Are A Piece Of Cake With The Fairy Cake Lip Glosses

Find Me A Gift bring you mouth-watering cupcakes for your lips, not your hips!

There's nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked cakes. Whether it's the scent of a hot buttery teacake or the delicious sugary scent of freshly iced cupcakes, few find it hard to resist devouring them in an instant; there goes the diet! So what if there was a way to indulge in the mouth watering scents of calorie-ridden goodness, without regretting it the next time you hit the gym? Find Me A Gift have the perfect supplement for those sweet fancies. The Fairy Cake Lip Glosses not only smell fantastic, they'll make your lips perfect for puckering up too! Who can resist that?

The Fairy Cake Lip Glosses are a gorgeous set of four lip-glosses, each in the shape of a miniature cupcake! Now we all know that no girl should be without a beautiful lip-gloss wherever she goes. With one slick of a glossy lip balm, you can instantly transform dry and chapped lips. With all this cold weather we're having, there's no excuse to not have at least one tube of lip balm in the bottom of your bag. When your lips are feeling a little flaky, there's no point swabbing them with that three-year old Chapstick, you'll just make them worse. So the next time you need a little gloss, reach for a Fairy Cake Lip Gloss!


Measuring approximately 3cm tall, these stunning lip-glosses can easily be slipped into handbags, briefcases and pockets for ultra-chic glamour on the go! Each lip gloss in the Fairy Cake Lip Gloss Set is packaged in a cute little cupcake pot and there are four flavoured lip-glosses to choose from, so you can pick which one you fancy depending on your mood. If you've missed the bus and you're running late for work, why not slick on some Lemon Twister lip-gloss? It's a known fact that citrus scents put a little more spring in our step; plus you'll need some energy when you finally make it into work to face your boss! If you work in an office, it can always be a temptation to buy that extra Krispy Kreme Doughnut to get you through the afternoon. Resist temptation and give your lips a treat with the Cherry Feast lip-gloss instead. When you've finally managed to make it through the day at work, reward yourself with a taste of the Violet Fancy or Coconut Dream lip-glosses. In this mouth-watering gift set, these four beautiful lip-glosses will get you through even the toughest of days!

The Fairy Cake Lip Glosses make perfect birthday gifts for anyone who loves looking fabulous. If your little sister is always sneaking into your bedroom to steal your makeup, why not treat her to her very own set of four gorgeous lip-glosses? She'll be the envy of all her school friends and you can finally stop her from swiping your favourite sparkly lip-gloss! Or maybe just fancy treating your mum to a gift that'll put a sweet-smelling smile on her face? The Fairy Cake Lip Glosses are perfect for any gift-giving occasion!

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