Swedish Beauty Designer Lotions

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It seems like beauty products have fascinated people for ever. The earliest reported beauty products used by women were concoctions used by the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra who was famous for her beauty. Numerous beauty products have been discovered and developed since then and today's market is full of high quality designer beauty products to suit any skin type. There are literally thousands of products available.

One range of indoor tanning lotions is the Swedish Beauty Line which is one of the most widely used in the tanning industry. It manufacturers a high quality tanning lotion range and has superb moisturizers for after tanning care. Amazon.com provides a varied range of Swedish Beauty products known for their excellent results. The Swedish Beauty range of lotion is available in variety packs and is into different categories. One can choose from an exhaustive range of Swedish Beauty tanning lotions available now.

These tanning lotions fit into a price range which is within reach of most tanners while also providing a quality product which will give the desired results without costing too much. They provide a perfect tanned look for your body without any red marks or orange looking skin. Swedish beauty lotions can be bought in single packs or with bronzers as well. People who find it difficult to get their skin tanned naturally can achieve a base tan when using these lotions.

Many of these products are available online now. It is possible to purchase them from the comfort of your own home. Available in a huge selection of lotions it should be easy to choose one that you like and one that will give you the depth of tan you desire. Some of these products are as follows:

Dangerously Dark Cooling Bronzer

Pink Diamond

Stunning Extreme Tingle T45

These are only a few products available by Swedish Beauty. Others in the range are available in tingle form which is preferred by some experienced tanners. Some of their lotions are available in a chocolate aroma which is well liked. Also available are Swedish Beauty lotions for beginner tanners. Most of there also contain firming properties ensuring that they tone and firm the skin along with acting as tanning lotions. The high pH content ensures the moisturisation of the skin. This is a very worthy range of lotion with something to suit evry tanner.

: This lotion has regular tingle and is available without bronzers. The product is enriched with ingredients like Vitamin A and E. With a fragrance of sweet cranberries, the productis very popular. The fragrance of this lotion is very popular.: This lotion contains natural bronzing extracts and the the formulation provides instant results that last for at least 2 days. It contains three-way slimming and anti aging complex from FirmTone. It has a wonderful aroma which pleases most tanners.: This is a bronzing lotion that is highly effective and it's results last anywhere from 4 to 7 days. Ingredients such as THC, hemp seed extract, wheat germ extract and FirmTone botanical firming complex help in toning the skin and retaining the moisture thus giving a warm tanned color. The coolant in the formulation helps in keeping the skin moisturized and refreshed. This is a very popular choice for tanners who always appreciate the added moisturizer in the lotion.

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