Surface Treatment and Its Range of Application Areas

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Surface treatment refers to process steps that are followed to enhance the quality of surface of any material either by altering it or by giving it a protective coating. This service today is in high demand in a varied range of industry sectors, as it controls friction and wear, and indeed alters the physical properties of surfaces where it is used. Yes, the alteration does not lie in the surface alone like varying the appearance of the material, this treatment improves the material even from ‘inside’ to enhance performance and reduce cost. It can even change the dimension of the material, it is applied to. This is the reason for its popularity in a wide range of industries.

In Automotive Industry

The automotive industry makes immense use of metals in their various parts. Surface treatment of metal substrates is absolutely necessary for cleaning and for getting the desired properties related to the metal industry. It provides more specialized technologies for environmentally acceptable solutions. The various advantages it provides include conversion-coating technologies for ensuring longevity of vehicles with anti-corrosion properties to process maintenance products e.g. prevention of paint attack, water treatment, cutting oils, etc.

In Coil Industry

Surface treatment in this sector includes offering environmentally friendly products that help customers to reduce energy costs. Some services also go a long way to eliminate traditional costs associated with water treatment, e.g. the development of no-rinse pre-treatment. The services in this industry encompass a wide range of operations from cleaning, desmutting, passivation, lubrication to the supply of specialty coatings for steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum coils.

In Aerospace Industry

Surface treatment is integral in the aerospace industry. This service ensures the right balance that is required for fast and effective product performance as well as meeting the required needs for safety and reliability, which is crucial in this sector. This also encompasses supply of chemical products that is required in aircraft maintenance programs, ranging from daily cleaning to complete aircraft overhaul. Nowadays, you can get products for exterior/ interior cleaning, paint carbon and oxide removal, temporary protective coating, conversion coating, corrosion inhibition and dewatering, gas path cleaning, non destructive testing and many more.

In General Industry

Apart from the above mentioned industries, surface treatment is required in many other industrial sectors like home appliances and electrical goods, HVAC, heavy equipment pipe coating, aluminum finishing and new substrates etc.Use surface treatment services from a good quality service provider to get improved corrosion resistance, better conductivity, and resistivity, and hence reduce cost to get value for your money.

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