Supre Indoor Tanning Lotions

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Supre Tan has come out with a wonderful range of high quality indoor tanning lotions. With over two decades of making tanning lotions they have brought a great selection of products to the tanning world. Their experience really shows through in their 'Smoke' tanning lotion line.

There are two great lotions under the Smoke label, 'Smoke Black' and 'Smoke Hemp'. Both of these lotions have a delightful tropical scent. Pineapple, Passion Fruit and Mango aromas make these lotions as easy on the nose as they are on the skin.

The Smoke range of tanning lotions are not sizzles so will not cause the skin to tingle. What this means is that there are no major irritants in the lotion. When tanning lotions tingle it is because chemicals are increasing blood flow at the skin level causing a reddening effect. Not all tanners appreciate this sensation and it is good to know that this range does not contain these ingredients.

Supre Smoke 'Black' lotion has DHA based bronzers for faster tanning and long lasting results. It contains ultra dark self-acting bronzers as well as dark lotion maximizers to assist in the tanning process. This is primarily for advanced tanners who want to darken their tans dramatically. The lotion contains an oxygen regeneration system and sea extracts which keep skin soft and supple. Traces of the minerals magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc are powerful antioxidants that also help skin to stay at its best when using this lotion.

Supre Smoke 'Hemp' lotion is great for any level tanner. It does not get as dark as quickly as Smoke 'Black', which can be a good thing for beginning tanners or those with very light skin. It contains an additional moisturizer that Smoke 'Black' does not, hemp seed extract. Another ingredient that separates this from Smoke 'Black' is aloe vera. This has sea extracts and chamomile to soothe the skin even more. The Smoke 'Hemp' lotion also contains the same oxygen regenerating system and trace minerals as Smoke 'Black' lotion.

These lotions will never turn the skin orange and leave streaks or splotches as some other lotions with bronzers do. However, they can stain hands or extremely dry skin so care should be taken when washing after application. Both lotions also contain a UV amplifying formula so they can be used in tanning beds or on the beach. These lotions can be used by beginner tanners along with experienced tanners who are not keen on a tingle lotion but still want to get darker. The Smoke lotions by Supre are great for anyone looking to darken their skin quickly, without overly damaging their skin. This range leaves the skin feeling soft and supple after tanning.

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