Superior Designer Skin Bombshell Tanning Lotion

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If you're looking for a great tingle lotion for a great price, Designer Skin 'Bombshell' tanning lotion is the right one for you. This lotion contains a combination of vitamins A, E and C to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and will increase collagen production. It contains CoQ10 and white tea extract for anti-oxidants and it creates a nice tingle effect when applied smoothly.

The vitamins A and E have been known to decrease fine lines and wrinkles that appear from tanning as well as natural aging. We've all seen those women on the beach with the leathery skin, but selecting a lotion like 'Bombshell' which contains the right combination of vitamins will keep your skin nourished, healthy and soft.

While the above vitamins decrease the look of aging, Vitamin C promotes a youthful look by increases the production of collagen in the skin which keeps skin firm and supple. Tanning can speed up the aging process so by being proactive as far as your skin care goes and by using a good quality lotion you will be encouraging your skin to produce more collagen before wrinkles start to set in, and thus the effects will be drastically lessen later on.

The coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is powerful in its anti-aging effects as well and is also an important anti-oxidant, especially when combined with white tea extract like in 'Bombshell' tanning lotion. They are able to decrease the damage caused to cells by the harmful UV rays that are inevitable during the tanning process.

'Bombshell' tanning lotion also contains aloe vera, hemp seed oil and soy proteins which heal, moisturize and protect skin. Each keeps skin in good condition and most importantly, hydrated.

Of course, there is also the tingling aspect of this lotion. For those who are used to a tingle lotion, this will be a pleasant tingle experience. For beginners however, it is important to use a thin layer and wash hands immediately afterwards because the sensation can be alarming if too much is used. Expect your skin to get red and slightly itchy and there may even be a feeling of burning. When applied in very thin layers, the feeling should not be overwhelming but keep in mind that it may not be pleasant the first few times as you need to let your body get used to it. Use 'Bombshell' on a small portion of your body at first to make sure there are no adverse reactions to it.

Overall however, 'Bombshell' tanning lotion is a great product for a great price and has all the ingredients to ensure a perfect tan!

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