Sunless Tanning From SunLab

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Getting a tan without actually sitting out in the Sun is something that SunLab products offer to all its patrons. Many people across the world want to acquire a tanned complexion. Earlier, the only method known to get a tan was actually lying down in the Sun for hours together, which resulted in the darkness on the skin. But this method was fraught with problems with a lot of complaints and actual reports of skin-related diseases cropping up across the world. The harmful UV rays of the Sun were responsible for causing skin cancers.

Once the connection between these harmful rays of the Sun and the skin cancer was established, many body-care products manufacturing companies tried to find some alternatives. They thought of researching the ability to get a tan just by applying a lotion or cream or spraying aerosol solutions on the skin surface. Using this concept and thorough research, SunLab came up with a method of sunless tanning.

Sunless tanning is actually a method of spraying or applying harmless chemicals in the form of lotions, creams, aerosol, or sprays or other liquids on one's body to acquire a tan. The tan acquired in such way can be likened to the one got while sun-bathing. This method is fast becoming a popular method apart from artificial tanning beds or systems.

The idea of a harmless sprayed liquid to get a tan really found appeal among the young and old. This has even been certified by the regulatory organizations to be harmless to the skin without any side effects,

How Does the SunLab Tanning Solution Work?

The liquids applied on the body are actually chemical substances in the form of lotions or sprays. When these chemicals come in contact with the skin, they actually induce a chemical process. In this procedure, the amino acids of the dead skin react with DHA, Dihydroxyacetone, a chemical substance in the tanning lotion. This chemical reaction leads to the slow browning of the skin, leaving a tanned or dark appearance. The best part of applying this is that the tan automatically fades within a week.

Types Of SunLabs Tanning Solutions

There are various types of solutions available, depending on the darkness of the skin that a person may want to acquire. These are self-tanning lotions which can be applied by hand, and they produce different tanning effects.

SunLab offers Sun Giesee solution which aims to give the best possible natural tans to the skin with the effects spoken about earlier. So, one may have airbrush tan, ultra dark tan, and many more. They come in different types of bottling, some with micro and some with clear spray and different fragrant bottles.

Some Risks

Though a good tanning solution, many of these liquids do not have sunscreen. Therefore, the risk of UV rays is still there. Second, the liquid does not dry quickly after application on the skin and the risk of cloth stains is always there.
SunLaboratories or SunLab has been an industry leader in this field. It specializes in manufacturing several new and industry leading tanning products which aim at getting ultra dark skin without sitting out in the Sun. Visit to check out and buy new products.

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