Sun Tan Products - Get A Beautiful Tan In An Hour!

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Looking for sun tan products? You're at the right page! Sun Labs provides you a splendid range of tanners and other skin care products that keep you looking beautiful throughout the day, and even in the bed!

Many women continue to live with their pale, white skin because they are too afraid to try the tanning products. Perhaps they are apprehensive of applying unknown products on their face for the fear of side effects. Moreover, many creams and lotions in the market have nothing but tall stories to offer.

Sun Laboratories comes as a fresh change. Its reputation lies in the fact that sun tan products from this company are high in effectiveness and low or nil in side effects. The range of products they offer is mind-blowing. The latest is airbrush tan, which is fast becoming popular because of its sheer convenience in application and the "wow" look it renders. Your skin will thank you for pampering it the way it always wished to!

Duration of Tan

Self tanning products take different time to provide you the desired tan. Certain lotions take a whole night to give you the tan, whereas some take only a few hours. There are also instant tan lotions. The prices of tanners vary with the time; but, the results are almost the same. Also, you can expect a natural tan from these sun tan products. You also get products specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

If you're too particular about your skin health, you can get product packages. They contain creams for tanning as well as for skin care. The basic steps for skin care are cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Then comes the tan. If your skin is healthy from within, it's easier to give it a darker shade. The glow radiating from fresh and healthy skin, combined with the mesmerizing bronze shade, makes your face stunningly beautiful!

Important Step before Applying Tanner

You cannot be so careless that you bring home a self tanner and slather it directly on your face. Don't expect a lovely tan by doing this. Rather, you'd hate your face!

It's crucial to cleanse and moisturize your skin before applying sun tan products. It may not be obvious, but your skin is covered with a layer of dead cells, which get shed everyday. This is also one of the reasons for dull appearance of the skin. You must remove this dead layer to bring out the fresh skin from beneath. Moisturize it so that it does not dry when applying the tanning product. Now, apply the tanner on this freshly scrubbed and moisturized skin. Watch your beauty unveil!

If you've a job that makes you grind your nose for long hours at the office, you certainly need a product that gives you quick and durable tan. Products like quick tanners or air brush tans are ideal for you. There are a variety of sun tan products to explore. Forget the sun. You will get a natural tan through sunless lotion anyway.

Visit the site for a range of sun tan products, including air brush tan. If you wish sunless tanning, visit the site and order skin care products and tanners.

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