Sun protection for your children at school

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Due to its position underneath a hole in the ozone layer, the Australian sun is extremely strong and UV radiation levels are extremely high. As a result, Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world. Sun exposure from a young age is a major contributor to the alarming prevalence of skin cancer, making it vital that Australian school children are taught and practice sun safety from a very young age. Before their schooling years it is easy to ensure that your children are protected from the sunís harmful rays. Once they reach school age, however, it is harder to monitor their sun protection. While local and state governments and the Department of Education stipulate that schools have a responsibility to enact sun safety measures for their students, there are a few added ways to make sure your child is sun-safe while at school.

- Sunhat. Most schools will ensure that school children in the playground wear a hat. To ensure that your child has all over coverage, supply them with a bucket style hat with a brim of at least 8 cm. While a baseball hat will provide some protection, a wide brimmed hat will ensure that your childís face is kept completely out of the sun.

- Material of kidsí schoolwear. Wearing the right clothing is one of the most important elements of sun protection. Harmful UV rays can also pass through clothing fabrics, making it important to dress your child in school clothing made of fabric that has an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+, with cooling vents and stretch fabric. Sun protective school clothing for kids should offer your child as much coverage from the sun as possible. Collared t-shirts, for example, help maximize sun protection.

- Sunscreen. Before your children leave for school, ensure that they apply sunscreen to their exposed skin, and make sure they carry sunscreen with them for reapplication throughout the day.

- Educate your child. While you canít be with your child every minute of the day to remind them to ĎSlip, Slop, Slapí, you can make them aware of the dangers of sun exposure. Teaching your child about the Australian sun and its harmful effects, and how they can protect themselves, will make them more responsible and willing to take personal responsibility for their sun protection.

Australians pride themselves on their weather and outdoor lifestyle. Sun protection for children is not about preventing them from getting out there and enjoying an active, outdoor childhood - itís about ensuring that they do it is a safe, protected way.

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