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Established in 1983, Sun Labs specializes in sunless tanning products. It was created by Gisela Hunter in order to allow people to have a gorgeous color throughout the year without over exposure to the sun's harmful rays. Today, this focus remains the same. Sun Labs is one of the leading businesses within the field and they continue to develop new and improved products.

Sun Labs Self Tanning Products

Sun Labs provide a number of high qualities, self tanning products. They're available in a number of forms so that there's a wider choice available to suit all preferences.

* Self Tanning Lotion: One of the most popular methods, this is available as a lotion, spray or foam and in three tanning levels of medium, dark and very dark. There's even an overnight option so you can wake up with beautiful skin the following day.

* Airbrush Tan: This handheld product gets rid of the hassle of visiting a salon. However, you can even purchase a pop-up tanning tent to give yourself a more professional experience. The airbrush tan is available in dark and very dark shades.

* Tanning Booth: If you want to go one step further without leaving the house then the complete professional system with booth will provide you with the ultimate salon experience.

* Tanning Accelerators: These are a great boost towards achieving a beautiful tan. They assist your skin to create a tan much faster than with other methods. These Sun Labs products are available in medium and very dark tones and can come as a gel, lotion and spray.

* Bath And Body Tanning: Tanning becomes as easy as washing yourself! These products not only cleanse and moisturize your skin but leave it looking sun-kissed as well.

Sun Labs Tanning After Care

Sun labs also offers a number of after care products to help your stunning color last for longer. These include:

* Moisturizers: These ensure your skin remains softened and protected.

* Aloe Vera gel: This works in the same way as a moisturizer and helps to revitalize your skin.

* Sunscreen: Available containing glitter, Sun Labs' range of sun screens will help protect your skin against harmful UV rays. A sunscreen lip balm is also available.

* Body Polisher: This exfoliates your skin thereby ridding it of any dead skin cells and allowing it to rejuvenate better. If carried out before adding a sunless tanning product then your skin can take it up more effectively.

The Advantages of Sun Labs

Using Sun Labs self tanning products have a number of great advantages:

* They offer a wide range of products to suit different preferences and colors.

* Their self tanning products work quickly and effectively.

* They mean less exposure to the sun and, therefore, less chance of skin damage.

From its beginnings in 1983, Sun Labs has focused on giving people beautiful tanned skin safely. The wide range of Sun Labs products is available for both tanning and after tan care.

Sun labs offer a wide selection of self tanning products. They not only allow you to achieve a beautiful tan quickly and cheaply but mean you don't have to put your health at such risks to achieve the same stunning skin tone.

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