Sun Laboratories: The Way To Beautiful Looking Skin

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Sun Laboratories offers a wide range of top quality products to give you that perfect tan. Established in 1983, Sun Laboratories was the first manufacturer and distributor of self-tanning products. It all began with Gisela Hunter, who felt people should have beautifully tanned skin, without being exposed to the dangers of the harmful UV rays of the sun. From the first company Giesee grew Sun Laboratories and, although the formulas have developed, the main principle expressed by Gisela has not changed.

Sunless Tanning Benefits

There Are A Number Of Benefits Of Using Sunless Tanning Products:

* The sun is a great way to obtain vitamin D. However, if you expose your body to excessive sunlight, this can be very detrimental to your skin. This is because UV rays increase the production of free radicals inside your body and this can cause wrinkles or, at worst, cancer. By using good tanning products, you can obtain glowing skin but without as much risk.
* For some of us, even a little exposure to the skin can cause it to burn. If your skin is particularly sensitive, then using a tanning lotion is a safer option.

* Most of us lead very a busy life and so, don't have enough time to tan properly. With a Sun Laboratories tanning product, you can have a great tan in hours.
* Rather than using a sun bed, which can be harsh on the skin, Sun Laboratories' lotions are gentler, cheaper, and more convenient to use.
* Instead of the publicity of using a salon, a self-tanning product is far more discrete.

Sun Lab Products

There is a wide variety of great products to choose from in a range of shades, so that you can acquire the tanning color you desire. A tanning product can be purchased as a spray, cream, gel, lotion, or airbrush. You not only have a choice of self-tanning products, but also moisturizers and shower gels to help you to maintain your tan. The products include:

* Dark Sunsation Instant Tint (Very Dark) or Ultra Dark Instant Tint (Dark)
* Strictly Faces (Medium or Dark)
* Dark Aerosol Spray or Handy Tan Instant Airbrush Tanning Spray
* Tan Overnight Instant Tint (Medium)

* Tan Moisturizer Maintainer
* Exfoliant Body Gel

If you're not sure which product would suit you the best, then you can order a self-tanning lotion sample for as less as $1. This way, you can be sure which product would suit you the best before you buy. It's also perfect, if you'd like to purchase in bulk but want to try a product beforehand.

Ordering Online

It's very simple to order online. All you need to do is to add what you would like to buy to your basket. Once you're ready to pay, you need to enter your details, billing information, and shipping address in the relevant fields. Finally, you can relax and wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep.

Sun Laboratories offers a wide variety of self-tanning products. You can achieve a beautiful, glowing skin without the worry of causing damage to your body by the sun.

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