Summer Boy Camps Training your Child in Excellence

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Summer boy camps are an exceptional way to provide your child with a unique summer that strengthens their potential. The northern PA sleepaway camp provides unique activities catered toward each child's specialize interests such as: computers, equestrian, competitive baseball, photography, arts, and more. Learn how this unique program can benefit your son and train him in excellence.
Summer boy camps in Pennsylvania provide a unique summer experience that strengthens and tones potential. In this diversified yet safe environment, each boy he is celebrated for his own unique likes, dislikes, and differences. The camper/counselor ratio is two to one; this provides a unique atmosphere where everyone knows your name. Children enjoy being in a safe and friendly environment that is centered on their individual, unique interests and talents. The beautiful facility has been family owned and operated for many years. The expertise is built upon year after year resulting in an amazingly challenging and fulfilling camp experience. Each year campers return with anticipation and excitement prepared for another summer packed with unique hand selected activities such as: equestrian, computer programming, digital photography, arts, competitive sports, art, and more. Your child will strengthen his natural abilities while simultaneously building his self-esteem. Important character traits are built through the challenges offered at the Pennsylvania camps. Courage, endurance, joyfulness, not taking yourself too seriously, and many other important character traits are achieved through the stimulating and exciting program.

Starting your son out early in a summer boy camps program is an optimal choice. Sleep away camps offer an invaluable resource for building your child's tomorrow, today. The breathtaking property is surrounded by woods and sits on beautiful Lake Greeley. Northern Pennsylvania is filled with scenic beauty and a restful and healthy environment. Each child is provided with traditional camping skills including swimming. Learning to swim is an invaluable tool that is offered to each young man in the program. Swimming simulates each cell in the body and provides a lifelong skill that can be enjoyed for the rest of his life. Self-esteem is naturally built through the stimulating and challenging activities offered in each program stream. If your child is fascinated with photography, computers, baseball, basketball, creative arts, or any of the other programs available, then this is a beautiful possibility for him. Children develop into strong, healthy young men through the maturing and training offered at Pennsylvania camps and they ask to return year after year. Strong friendships are built that provide development of social skills and positive self-esteem. Sleep away camps offer a unique way to strengthen your son's perspective of himself, build courage, and many other positive attributes.

The residential camping provided through Pennsylvania camps leaves a lasting lifelong impact. Basic foundational camping experiences include nature trips and other fun camping experiences. In addition to these traditional camping experiences each child will be provided with a main focus that addresses his own unique gifts and interests. Outdoor adventure, land sports, waters sports, softball, web design, lifeguarding, basketball, equestrian, and so much more, can be hand selected for your child. The variety of activities/programs is continuously updated. Skilled instructors oversee each unique program in order to provide exceptional training. Children gain many new skills in a focus which they hand select. New friends are made and social communication and interaction is strengthened on a daily basis while at Pennsylvania camps Contact summer boy camps today, located in northeastern Pennsylvania, and learn more about how this unique program can benefit your child and train him in excellence.

Camp Shohola provides quality summer boy camps and sleepaway camps in Northern Pennsylvania.

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