Suggestions For Choosing Musicians For Parties

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Choosing musicians for parties can be quite time consuming. As most people know, music is a very important factor when preparing for parties and other such events. Amongst the different party supplies, decorations and entertainment, music is also very important. Therefore, planning for musicians will be very important to your party just like the party decorations.

Depending on the event or party, you will need to choose some form of live entertainment. Typically, this comes in the form of hiring musicians and other such entertainers for your party. Most often, when you are looking to choose a musician for a party, you need to make sure you have a checklist drawn out for the interview. Asking the same streamlined questions to each applicant will ensure you are being fair and thorough during your search for a musician.

Most often the questions that you will ask have common sense answers, but all in all they need to be voiced. Below are the proposed questions that must be asked to ensure a smooth flowing party for entertainment purposes.

1. How long have you been playing your instrument?

2. Do you perform in public a lot?

3. How long have you been performing (DJ, singing, etc.)?

4. How many years have you been performing in this industry?

5. Describe the last event in which you preformed and the venue.

6. What size of crowds do you prefer when performing?

7. Are there any setup features you are going to need when speaking of equipment such as AV or lighting?

8. What size of an area will you need for setup and performance?

9. Are there any other rates that could be incurred besides the rate quoted?

10. How long do you plan on playing at the event?

Asking inquiring questions prior to hiring a musician will answer a lot of your questions. In general, you will be able to get an impression of the musician by just talking to them whether or not they would fit your particular theme party, event or venue. After the initial interview process, it is very important to narrow your list of musicians down to two or three musicians and then proceed with a second interview to determine the best musician for your party. Most often, before hiring a musician you will need to conduct a few interviews and then make a selection.


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