Successful Planning of a Family Reunion

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A successful family reunion requires great planning. Many family reunions are planned years in advance with careful planning for the place, the time, the menu, the keepsakes (such as Family Reunion T Shirts), the decorations and the entertainment. Most family reunions these days require a healthy budget to pull off the unforgettable event.

To plan the event, it is a great idea to Involve various, reliable members of the family, including youngsters and form committees to tackle individual aspects of the family reunion. This will help ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible. Some key committees are the finance committee (to oversee the expenses), hospitality committee (to welcome everybody on the grand day), travel committee (scout host locations and book flights and hotels), food committee (to arrange catering and/or organize pot-luck) keepsake and prizes committee (to produce Family Reunion T Shirts and other keepsakes), entertainment committee (to make sure there are fun and games for all ages), the media committee (for video and cameras to remember the special day) and communication committee (compile a mailing list and notify family members of the time and place).

The finance committee is perhaps the most important because each of the various other committees will need to know the budget in which they have to work with. Be sure to trust someone in the family who may have experience working with money and allocating budgets to head this committee.

The hospitality committee would be responsible for making each individual family member feel welcome and special on the day of the family reunion. Of course some of the friendliest and out-going members of the family would love this particular responsibility. A 'Welcome Address' would kick off the day and should be given by someone in the family who is a great public speaker.

The travel committee is necessary to establish the location of the reunion and be sure that it's easy for family members to make it there. Booking event halls, parks or other locations as well as flights, hotels and other modes of transportation would be this committees main duties.

The food committee would need to establish if the event would be a pot-luck, a home-cooked meal or a catered affair. The most popular family reunions are Bar-B-Q's, which can be as simple as hot dogs and hamburgers, or include BBQ chicken, bratwurst and/or kabobs. Sometimes, if the budget allows, a catered event may relieve some stress as well as provide a gourmet meal to the entire family.

The keepsake and prizes committee would have fun creating and arranging keepsakes, such as Family Reunion T Shirts, key chains, hats, and other fun ideas which will remind the family member of the fantastic event for years to come. You can make your own shirt or have custom t shirts made. Family Reunion T Shirts are a fun and easy way to be part of the group on the day of the event and provide a cherished reminder of the fun day.

The entertainment committee can arrange fun for adults and children alike. Games and activities for all age groups can be planned as well as specific entertainment for the children such as clowns, magicians or simply provide toys and books. Fun games and activates for all ages include croquet, scavenger hunts and time capsules.

The media committee would be sure to capture all of the memories of the family reunion. They would be sure that enough videos and photographs were taken and possibly proved disposable cameras for everyone to use throughout the day. A fun idea would be to create Family Reunion T Shirts that include a family group photo taken on the day of the reunion and send it to all members as a surprise.

The communication committee will get on the phone and email to gather a mailing list of the entire family. When the time and place have been decided, a 'save the date' note would be sent to all. After some initial planning, a more detailed mailing could be sent with more information about the theme of the party, the food and the entertainment taking place.

Although family reunions can require a lot of hard work and planning, the experience of gathering with numerous members of your extended family for a fun filled event is worth the effort. All of your careful planning will ensure that happy memories are made and remembered for years to come.

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