Successful Parenting Leads A Best Parents And Child Relation

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A child is like a growing plant that grows in the direction of sunlight. There is a great similarity between the character of a child and a growing plant. As the plant needs sunlight to grow and to flourish, children do need the path showing light from their parents. The parents are the first and foremost guiding force and motivating spirit for the children.

The parents shape up the thoughts, feelings and ideas of their children. But the task of parenting isnít so easy or tough either. If the parents can become the best friends of their children, than the task of parenting becomes easy. But in the process of becoming a fried from a parent, we need to pass through many facets. The first phase is to make the child aware of your existence. In most of the cases it has been observed that the father becomes the super-hero for the child. Children often have a mindset to follow what their super-hero does.

In the parent-child relation, a well build communication should be there. If the child and the parents canít communicate well with each other, then the chance of success in that relation becomes less. Spending time with the child as more as you can, is the best way of building sound relation. Moreover, in the process of becoming a friend, itís very important to understand what the child wants to convey to you. By understanding his needs and feelings, you can come closer to him. Affection and care are the two things that a child wants the most from his parents.

The parents should make the child understand the acceptable social behavior in a social setting. Itís important because we are social beings and we canít live an isolated life. But in the course of making your child obedient, you should take care of the thing that the child should respect you, but not fear you. Fear is a thing that may sometime lead your child to a wrong way. Counseling with the teachers regularly also leads to successful parenting. Having a talk with the teachers helps you understand your child well.

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