Successful Kids Birthday Party Formula By Steve Zany RI Magician

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It's No Magic Trick. The secret formula to planning a great kidís birthday party

Parents, who know I am a kidís party magician in RI, often ask me: Is there a formula that can be applied to make a kids birthday party a success? And no wonder. What mom or dad doesn't want to make their childís party one to remember?

One time, I performed at two birthday parties during an afternoon and saw one mom who had taken my advice. The other, for whatever reason, had not.

Each kidís party was for birthday children who were 5 years old. Both parents who hired me were given the exact same advice when they had scheduled my magic show:

To ensure the party wasn't overwhelming for the birthday child or their parent, I recommended taking their childís age and multiplying it by a factor of two. In other words, the result would be 10.

Having a maximum of ten kids at a 5-year old party would be the perfect way, I suggested based on my experience, for the guest of honor to appreciate who was there to celebrate their big day without the birthday child and other kids becoming overwhelmed.

Well, at the first kidís party I performed at during that day, there were about 10 kids. The birthday party was going gangbusters right from the start. The birthday boy enjoyed his time with his friends. Both his parents had the party well under control, seemed relaxed and they had time to enjoy my magic show with the other parents in attendance.

A couple of hours later, I arrived at my second birthday party of the day. It seemed like it was on the edge of chaos. The birthday child's mom was trying to manage somewhere around 20 children plus trying to host at least 20 adults who were occupied in their own conversations. My heart went out to the birthday child, and her parents. The star of the day was clearly overwhelmed at her birthday party, not to mention her parents who seemed like they couldn't wait for the party to end.

One might suggest, the magic formula could have had nothing to do with the two different birthday party outcomes. That may be true, but what might be learned by these two experiences?

Despite growing pressure by schools and other parents to invite a child's entire class to a kidís birthday party, I suggest avoiding any urge to comply or succumbing to any such pressure. Understandably, it can be a hard thing to resist.

Use the above kids birthday party formula and I believe you'll find, as do many parents I work with, that your child and their young party guests will likely be better behaved and less likely to be rambunctious. Plus, your home has a much better chance of staying in one piece and you'll get to keep your sanity.

While I can tell you first hand that magic shows can make kids birthday parties even more magical, the above party planning formula is no trick. Itís based on child psychology.

If you are in doubt, then suspend your disbelief and give it a try. I believe you likely will see your child will retain more vivid memories of their next birthday party than ever before. And that can make a birthday party priceless.

Steve Zany is one of New England's only kidís party magicians and ventriloquists. Based in the RI area, parents have named him 'Best Local Kids Party Entertainer' in Nickelodeon's Parents' Pick Awards. He performs at kidís parties and family-oriented events throughout Rhode Island as well as nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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