Successful Fundraising Opportunity Is The Personalized Family Cookbook

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Of the many successful fundraising activities available today, the personalized family cookbook has been one of the favorites for many organizations and charities. Some clubs offer carwashes in local parking lots, while others go door-to-door selling candy, popcorn, or magazine subscriptions. Personally, I don't care for the door-to-door activities. Too many people (namely your neighbors, relatives and co-workers) feel pressured into purchasing whatever it is that you are selling. No one wants to be labeled as "the guy down the street that wouldn't but a candy bar from my child."
The carwash idea is OK if you have enough young folks in your group who are willing to participate. But with the "green" mentality of today you could end up with some environmentalists charging that you are wasting water. Their accusations might just be valid, too.

A Good Alternative

I prefer the cookbook fundraiser. No muss…no fuss, as they say. Instead of holding a chili feed that requires food preparation, lots of man-hours, and a big mess afterwards, the cookbook idea is primarily a function of ideas and gathering recipes. Your committee, along with the cookbook publisher, can decide what style of cookbook to use as well as the design. But what will set it apart from all the rest of the cookbooks out there are the delicious recipes that are provided by the best cooks in your club and community.

Why They Are Popular

The recipes are what make it very unique. There will not be another cookbook like it anywhere in the Milky Way Galaxy. Imagine having the best recipes from all the (as I endearingly call them) "little old ladies" who have been cooking for and feeding their family for who knows how many decades. My grandmother was famous for her homemade egg noodles that she magically turned into the best plate of chicken and noodles that has ever passed my lips. Surely you know of someone who has a dish that stands out like that. With a fundraising cookbook filled with similar culinary delights you can only guess at the popularity they will have.

Let's Face It…You Want To Raise Money

Before I go completely off topic, I'll get back to the thrust of the article. Fundraising. Yes, cookbooks are popular, but you might ask, "Don't people already have about all the cookbooks they'll need?" If you ask my wife, she would answer with, "Too many cookbooks still aren't enough." People are a naturally charitable species. They will give their money to a good cause and expect nothing in return. If you ask them for a donation and offer to give them a wonderful, professional looking personalized family cookbook they will be even more eager to part with their hard earned cash.

Even though other fundraising activities exist, cookbooks offer a great chance to raise a lot of money with a minimum of effort or mess. The idea has been around for many years, too. One particular fundraiser cookbook publisher has been in business since 1947. They wouldn't still be around if there wasn't a demand for family style cookbooks.

The First Step

To get started you only need to locate a reputable cookbook publisher that has been in business a while, has the on-line tools needed to design it, and enough options to allow you to use the creative genius your organization's members have. Some companies, but just a rare few, actually have guarantees that go with their service. You can't beat that.

Andy Barber writes for Cookbook Publishers, which is a company that has been printing fundraising cookbooks since 1947. When he isn't writing or enjoying his family on his 6 acre farm in eastern Kansas, he is riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle across the US to visit friends and see the country.

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