Subscribers Win The Battle Over Directv

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Subscribers have truly won the long-run battle over DirecTV, which is one of the reputed satellite TV providers in America. Directv has agreed to pay $13.25 million compensation as a settlement to the Attorney Generals of all the 50 states of the US. Consumers who have been cheated the provider since 2007, will receive the restitution in full if they file a complaint with the AGs by June 9, 2011.

The leading provider is charged with several complaints in all the states America, out of which major falls in the early termination fee category. The company is alleged to charge its subscribers if they wanted to terminate their contract with the provider before its completion. Based on a newspaper report, "DirecTV misled customers about cash back and free offers and failed to adequately disclose material terms of contracts”.

Therefore, Attorney Generals have settled the dispute by ordering it to pay $185, 000 to states and complete restitution to subscribers. They have asked the provider to follow fair means of business and follow strict policies and terms. Moreover, according a spokesman of a renowned newspaper, “The agreement also prevents customers from unintentionally extending their contracts by accepting a promotion or new equipment."

Over the years, DirecTV has been criticized for its malpractices and all the goof ups. But every time when there was a problem, the company used to come out safe giving its perfect PR statements and utilizing its power as brand identity. But this time, it seems that the company was severely shrouded with controversies. Thereby, it had to agree for the restitution settlement with the subscribers.

However, the point is the company should come up and tell its subscribers that how it intends to serve customers in the fort right way, following ethical business practices. Although, the company never accepted its wrong doing, but still it is its social responsibility to give clear answers to the queries of its esteemed subscribers, who have been associated with it for years. It’s high time for DirecTV and such satellite providers (who are misleading consumers) to stand up and let their customers know the ways they are going to rectify their malpractices.

Still, there is one advice for all those who sign up with these satellite TV providers that should be highly alert while dealing with them. You should read the terms and conditions properly and then commit to them. You should never agree to anything verbal. Always get things in writing from them and then finally put your signature. It is essential that frequently check your card bills to notice any unjustified add on in it. This will help to bring this point to their representative immediately. In case, you are not clear about a certain offer and advertisement, ensure that you ask them about it several times until you are satisfied with the answer. These certain points will definitely help you in times of any dispute with the providers.

Sophia Johnson is an eminent writer of social media and also a DirecTV customer for last two years. But recently she faces some problems while renewing her package plans, and being a writer she feels it’s her social duty to let her countrymen know about this malpractice of DirecTV. To know more about it visits my Facebook page.

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