Styles For Women With Curly Hair

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A lot of women find themselves disgusted with their curly hair. Because it can be unruly and difficult to style, naturally curly hair is sometimes traded in for the every-day straight look that is often perfected with the help of a straightening iron. If you want to keep your hair's natural curls and still look great, you have come to the right place. This article will explain some ideas to make any curly hairdo stunningly beautiful.

If you have short hair, you can leverage your curls to make your hair bouncy and playful. Even a style as lackluster as the bowl cut can look cute with naturally curly hair. If you currently have long hair but you want to try a short hairstyle, have it trimmed before being washed, allowing the tightness of the curls to help determine the length. If cut while wet, curls will naturally take the hair up, making your hairstyle appear several inches shorter when it is dry.

If you have medium length curly hair, there are things you can do to make it look elegant and classy. Although few people are able to pull off the mid-neck hair cut, women with curls are often able to make this style look attractive and awe-inspiring. If you want to wear your hair somewhere between short and long, choose to have it gently tapered at the sides of your face to help you avoid the straight-chop look. A little trimming on the sides can easily repair any shoulder-length hair style that seems to be a disaster.

If you have long curly hair, don't be afraid to show it off! Extremely long, curly hair gives off an air of elegance while bringing to mind images of princesses. Long, curly hair can be worn in a loose pony tail or put into a sloppy bun. If your hair is too curly to contain, but you want to keep it out of your eyes, invest in some good headbands or berets. These hair accessories will keep your hair out of your face without jerking it into a tight pony tail or awkward bun. Headbands and berets are cute, attractive, and useful.

Another thing to consider is your bangs. Bangs can help bring character to your face, but if they are too curly they can look goofy or out-of-place. If you have curls but want to enjoy the benefits of bangs, have your bangs tapered rather than cut straight across your forehead; this will allow them to naturally curl around your face. Additionally, have your bangs cut thin so that the volume of your hair won't cause them to stick straight out. If you already have bangs that were cut wrong or just aren't working, consider just running the straightening iron across them every day while leaving the rest of your hair curly.

When styling your hair, remember that curls aren't a nuisance! Instead, they are an outsider's glimpse at that youthful, energetic spirit that is hiding away inside you. Embrace that look and start loving your hair today.


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