Stunning Long Hairstyles for Girls

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There are some gorgeous hairstyles for women with long hair this season. Whether you like to wear your hair up or down, have fine hair or thick, there is sure to be a look that you will fall head over heels in love with. Of course, in addition to actually knowing the hot styles, you must also learn how to create them. As such, you may need to experiment, as some will require patience and time.


You've probably seen this style on almost every actress with long hair this season, and you can get the same beautiful look. It is an elegant way to dress up for a special or casual event. No matter where you plan to go with the long curls, you can achieve the look a few different ways. The first is to head to your favorite salon with a photo of the curls that you want. Tight, wavy curls are going to involve a perm in most cases. This is going to be fairly permanent and a little costly, too.

The other way to get the wavy look is by setting your hair in pin curls. Start with towel dried hair that is still damp to the touch. You'll also need a large amount of bobby pins and a comb - preferably the "rat tail" kind that helps to divide the hair into segments. If your hair is very fine, you may want to put a setting lotion in your hair first. Wrap a 1 inch section around your finger and hold it in place with a bobby pin. Continue through your entire head or hair and then either sleep on it or blow it dry on low. Release the bobby pins, comb your hair gently, and admire the new waves!


Traditional French braids are a very classic style, but instead of going down the back of your head, go for something that is more "Bohemian chic." You can achieve a sideways French braids by parting your hair sideways and then braiding it along the hairline. This will keep a lot of the hair out of your face and give you a fun new look. Plus, you don't have to do anything with the rest of your hair.

Swept Bangs

If you've already got long bangs, don't leave them hanging in your face all season long. Instead, sweep them to the side and incorporate them into the back of your hair with a hair clip. Start just below the temples and gather up a few inches of hair on both sides and bring them towards the back, scooping up your bangs in the process. Find an elaborate hair clip to keep it all pinned back for an added touch of elegance.


Visit your hair stylist to place some long layers into your lengthy hair. This will make styling much more fun because you can go for some fun and unique up-dos using chopsticks, or keep it long and functional without it just hanging. It will look much more stylish without losing the length.


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