Stuffed Tiger Toys

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On the other side of the world, there is a place North Americans are unfamiliar with: it's called Tiger Island. Tiger Island is home to six Bengal and eight Sumatran tigers. The tigers that live there are not confined to cages (though they are not tame); they are hand raised and enjoy playing, swimming, and wrestling with their handlers everyday. This incredible place, located between The Gold Coast and Brisbane in Australia, offers visitors a one-of a kind and unique tiger experience. If you're ever lucky enough to go down under to visit Tiger Island, you will be able to see tiger presentations (where you will learn all about these amazing animals), have a photo taken with a real tiger, and watch tigers walk through the park with their handlers (where you can both talk to the handlers and pet the tigers). And, as a final souvenir, you can shop in the Bengal Bazaar on Tiger Island, where you can choose multiple stuffed tiger toys to take home.

While most of us will never have the opportunity to visit Tiger Island, we can get the next best thing right here at home: stuffed tiger toys. Stuffed tiger toys come in all sizes and are ideal plush toys to cuddle and hug.

Stuffed tiger toys also offer parents a rare opportunity to teach their children about these beautiful wild cats. With these plush toys, children can learn that tigers live primarily in parts of Asia (China, India, Indonesia, Nepal) and Far East Russia. They are the largest cat in the world weighing up to 700 pounds. Their patterns of red-orange and black stripes are unique to each cat - no two patterns are ever the same. While we know that cats are not fond of water, tigers love it - in order to keep themselves cool they will often take baths during the hottest parts of the day. In addition, they have webbed feet which makes them powerful swimmers.

While they once roamed freely in great numbers, three of the nine tiger sub-species has become extinct in the last century and experts believe there are as few as 3200 left in the wild. The World Wild Life Fund gives the opportunity to 'adopt' a tiger so that the money donated can go towards education and help to save the species. When an adoption is made, you will receive a package of various tiger goodies including stuffed tiger toys.

Sadly, seeing a tiger in a zoo or wildlife park (or in the wild on television) may eventually become a thing of the past due to their dwindling numbers. Stuffed tiger toys may be the only way we have to remember these majestic cats. Teaching both children and adults about animal conservation and the dangers tigers face in the wild from the human population, is an important part of trying to save them. Whether stuffed tiger toys are part of a plush collection or simply represent an animal you love, they are a fitting tribute to these impressive wild cats.

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