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In the age of YouTube and iPods, how we learn and the ability to share information and knowledge is quickly changing. Alongside the technical industries´ progress, the world of makeup and fashion is booming as well. We are seeing a shift in control and hierarchy. Makeup artists and stylists are today idolized and respected for their expertise and business minds, whereas before they were merely a means for the creative director to utilize his ideas. The makeup artists’ techniques are constantly changing and improving, and a stylists’ fashion is obviously doing the same with fashion week running twice a year. It is a thrilling and giving career that allows women and men of all ages (and location) to embark upon a job opportunity especially designed by and for themselves.

The artists that started in the industry 10 years ago would train with an in house school or maybe not even train at all. In most countries and states, there are no laws protecting the name makeup artist tips or ‘fashion stylist’, so anyone with a desire to do so could go out and practice the ‘knowledge’ they don´t really have. This is obviously a path to disaster, as you are not only potentially hurting your clients, but you are permanently damaging your own reputation and business career.

Today, many potential makeup artists and stylists are picking up tips and advice from YouTube makeup tutorials and learning from the comfort of their own home and in their own pace. This is a great way of experimenting with makeup artistry, except for the fact that you don´t really know if the person you are ´learning´ from is actually correct and you have no one to check with if what you are doing yourself at home is sufficient to work in the industry. Most importantly of all, because the makeup industry alone is a multi-billion dollar industry, the stakes are high and people demand quality and they can only know whether a makeup artist has this by looking at her or his certifications.

When you choose which online makeup and fashion school you wish to train with, it´s important that you investigate a couple of things:
1. Does the online makeup school have the backings from an actual physical in house school? If so, they will be much more prone to deliver a detailed course content as they have existing material and on staff professors.

2. Does the online make up school deal with only makeup and fashion, or several other subjects as engineering, shoe making and general academics? If so, this means that they are experts in the field of makeup artistry and fashion alone, which will guarantee you high focus and constant updated information.

3. Does the online makeup school provide a professional tutor who works in the industry and can constantly guide you on the course material and how to get started with work? If not, you´re pretty much left on your own.

4. Does the online makeup school demand tasks, projects and photos of your own work as you learn new techniques? If not, how are they actually guiding, critiquing and assessing you along the way?

5. Does the online makeup school offer you free in house training if desired, lifelong connection and online tools for you to use after your completion? If so, this is a school that will take care of you and guide you as a regular alumni at an in house school.
In the end, working as a makeup artist is often something you do as a freelancer, and even though you consider your photographer or the different models and your private clients as your colleagues, it still is a career where you have to drive yourself as your own boss. Therefore it makes perfect sense that this is something you can do ‘on your own’ from home with an online makeup school. Ultimately, it is a study and a career for those with passion, goals, creativity and talent and it´s all about finding the right outlet for you to understand how to utilize your own abilities together with an internationally renowned certificate.

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