Studying music in London

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Undertaking music studies is a dream for many students; taking part in music production courses and music technology courses can be the ideal starting point for any successful music career. Many of these music production courses are created and delivered within the confines of a college or university.

The location of these learning institutions can potentially be a major factor in the success of the overall package of support and delivery offered. For instance, a college based in London can greatly benefit from the thriving, colourful and eclectic music scene which is part of the culture of the capital city. In London, there are many music schools but you need to be sure you find one with a great reputation.

Here at Alchemea we offer a great range of music based and audio courses for any budding student or professional. Since we are based in London we believe that our location is highly conducive to a successful course outcome. Being a music and audio student in London allows for the absorption of both street and classical music culture which cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world and the clever scholar is able to take an influence from all of these styles.

With a thriving live music scene, London can be one of the best places in the world to see a band and attend a gig. From back street pubs to huge venues which can holds thousands of people, London has a range of locations in which to see and experience music. Experiencing the clubbing scene in the capital city is an excellent way to learn about the technicalities of audio apparatus and to learn the nuances of mixing and sound engineering equipment. Street performers and buskers are also ubiquitous in London and allows for many styles of music and dance to be experienced for free.

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