Studying Animal Portraiture

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You should be careful with giving someone a present. You will want time to pass before asking if they liked the gift or not. There would be more suspense on the waiting period if the president was the recipient. The Mount Airy resident, bringing her gift with her, had to sign a visitor's log in Room 45 at the Old Washington DC> The package was of Little Man the president's horse and the guard was then the one in charge of finally delivering it to him. More expert paintings information is located at horse portrait commission.

With her husband and baby boy, this artist lives in Old National Pike where she paints her animal portraits. After taking art courses in high school and animal portrait lessons, she turned her love of animals and a knack for portraiture into a business. Successfully her money making business is doing really well currently.

Pastels are her main materials using them to draw from the pictures those owners or even she takes of the animals. Photos from shows are what she sometimes uses to paint the horses. All the animals that she has worked with like horses, cats, dogs, a goat, parakeets and guinea pigs she has fallen in love with. To add to her growing experience working with many animals previously, she now wants to work with fishes and turtles even using oil paints. Normally she changes the way an animal looks so that the portraits will be more appreciated.

Asking the president's wife for pictures which can be her basis for painting little man, she says she wanted to do this for some time now. About six weeks later, she received a reply from the Special Assistant to the President and Director of Correspondence, along with some color publicity stills of the President with the horse. The usual way she worked with animal portraits was not followed it this project. Normally part of her job was to meet the animal personally and get to know they and also take note of color and other things as a picture us not enough. More information on the topic of paintings is located at custom oil paintings from photos.

Later on as the project was still going on, Little Man passed. She thinks that the portrait will now mean more to the president. Continuing what she had started she began dividing the portrait into four. What she did first was to make an outline with pastel that showed the locations of the dark, medium and light shadow tones. For blending the color after putting it in, she used her fingers.

Adding a bland background was the next stage and in this case Little Man got on in light blue. According to the artist the final step was to make the portrait look real. The artist exhausted a lot of time making that the details were accurate and that the portrait looked real.

With her interest and love for animals she was able to complete the portrait of Little Man. Loving horses herself, she use to have about four but now only keeps one in Poolesville. Along with her horse is a cat, a dog and a goat. She is very happy to have accomplished the portrait and also that she was able to give it to the president.

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