Stuck for Wedding Present Ideas?

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Wedding gifts are probably the hardest gifts to buy. Which is why it is no surprise that so many people have wedding lists these days to give people a good indication of what is needed rather than find themselves receiving a bunch of gifts they have no use for or simply donít like. However, some people still like to keep things less organised, or simply arenít wanting for dinner sets and new tea trays, and instead allow people to come up with their own ideas for wedding presents.

This can be a nightmare scenario. You may well end up buying them something they already have, something they donít want or something twenty seven other people have bought them. Then there is the fact that you most likely want to stand out and show that you put some real thought into getting them something they will really treasure.

So the chances are that the best wedding presents are going to be unique and quite quirky. Personalised caricatures are great places to start. Caricatures featuring the bride and groom alone would be very well received, but if you make them more personalised caricatures by having them pictured indulging in an activity they love or in a place that really means something to them, you will almost certainly have something that will be treasured forever.

Caricatures mark something fun in amongst what would otherwise possibly be a parade of mundane gifts that will sit in the back of cupboards for decades. The same goes for getting them something fun and interesting to do with any hobbies they both share. Even simple t-shirt designs or other clothing designs that you personalise could be a great way of giving them something they will not only truly appreciate, but will forever associate with their special day.

So if you want your gift to stand out, just make sure it is as personal as possible.

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