Stubby Holders Work More Than Keeping Your Drinks Cold While Your Hand Stays Warm

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No one enjoys drinking a beer when it is warm. They just wish to enjoy their drink crispy cold. But how to keep your drink cold for a long time?

The discovery of neoprene rubber as stubby holders is certainly one of the remarkable events for people who drink and for those who just want to enjoy frost free drinking. Keep in mind, the goal is to keep your drink cold whilst keeping your hands warm. Stubbie holders are able to keep the temperature steady inside whilst blocking the humidity from the outside environment. Few features and benefits are:

Flexible and Stretchable: Stubbie holders are made from neoprene rubber that is a flexible material, allowing any kind of bottle to slip in easily.

Non Electrical Fridge: Neoprene rubber is a good insulator as it maintains the temperature the same from within.

Fashion, Design, and Style: It will feel just right to show who you’re. Some individuals choose to personalise their stubby holders enough to fit their inner soul description, because drinking beer does not need to be rugged every time.

The description of stubby holders has changed drastically as a result of its popularity in the Australian market. As a matter of fact, they do not limit themselves by just making use of the stubbie holders to hold their beer bottle or drink. They have learned to utilise it for their businesses too. Stubby holders are ingeniously utilised as alternative to calling cards, business promotions, and giveaways or gifts.

There are several benefits of making use of these stubbie holders as part of their business processes. Its a good tool to promote your business service. As mentioned, its a good alternative to the calling cards as they’re most probably to be displayed instead of keeping inside the wallet.

Believe it or not, these little soft and flexible bottle holders could also function as a networking tool for your business as it simply creates recognition and recall to your customers and clients.

If you are after items to keep your drinks ice-cold or you want an efficient marketing tool for your business you will find the solution with stubby holders. Your business would enjoy the increased revenue which comes from successful marketing and you might now enjoy drinking your ice-cold beer without killing your hands' nerve endings.
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