Stronghold of Player Safety in Runescape

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We are what happens to confuse you: You are now because Stronghold security do not allow yourself? Enter the room with the cells of prisons, but do not know what to do?

We hope that this response may be useful, then you can go to make sure you properly or give you something. If you want, we know that we must set the stronghold of security in one of the sub-account, you have no problem with you through the group. You and me the next time you catch each other, we have control over the stronghold of security lights and get the XP and gloves at the end.

We need to take more tests, which are both nuked fortresses at the bottom. What you do is in the basement (entrance behind the house) and find the poster on the wall. MANAGEMENT early in the cellar. Go north a bit and take the stairs, go east and get all the stairs to the southeast and then all the way north and climb the stairs. Go to the north, in the form of a rectangle and pull the lever on the west side of the room.
Then all goes down the stairs you just installed. Go through the door on the east wall, and finally to the south and north of the road to the chest.

Just have fun in Runescape!

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