StriVectin-SD: Stretch Mark Reducer or Wrinkle Cream

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StriVectin-SD claims to be both an anti-wrinkle and anti-stretch cream that will increase your skin's elasticity, as well as texture and tone. According to the StriVectin web site, it will leave skin youthful, smooth, and silky and has produced measurable results in 93% of subjects tested. In addition to wrinkles and stretch marks, it can also be used on dark under-eye circles and age or sun spots.

Like all products that make such large claims, StriVectin-SD has been subject to many reviews, some positive, some not. Each person needs to use their own judgment and take these reviews for what they are worth. As with all products, some people will love it and others will not. However, in extremely negative StriVectin SD reviews, it might be helpful to look at the bigger picture. Did the reviewer use StriVectin-SD for its intended purpose? Did the reviewer use the product as directed?

Is StriVectin-SD a Scam?

Some people might try to claim there is a StriVectin-SD scam. According to their web site, one six ounce tube of the product equals three times the value of a regular wrinkle cream. However, StriVectin claims their product is based on scientific research. It contains Striadil, which is a blend of 18 ingredients which include pentapeptides. These are effective in improving the look of facial wrinkles and stretch marks by building up as well as stabilizing collagen in the skin. The fact that StriVectin-SD claims to now be one of the top prestige skin creams in the world also says a lot about the product. It has even been compared to a safe alternative to Botox, providing all the results without the risk.

Are There Any StriVectin SD Side Effects?

As with any product any product that is used on the skin, there can be risks or side effects involved. The largest number of StriVectin SD side effects reported involved redness and rash or itching, as well as a light warm feeling after application. It is important to test StriVectin-SD on a small part of skin, such as the inside of forearm, before applying to a greater surface area on face to be sure there is no allergy or irritation to the product. It is also recommended that pregnant or nursing mothers not use this product.

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