Stretcher Bars for Canvas – An Overview

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Since always, artists have been making use of stretcher bars, also wrongly spelled as strecher bars by many, for mounting canvases. The stretcher bars for canvas impart the much required tautness and firmness to the canvas making it ideal for painting or embroidering. Stretcher bars are used for constructing wooden stretcher frame for the artists. Traditionally, stretcher bars are used to fasten the canvas however they can also be used for small scale embroidery for providing the required tension. The fabric’s edges can be affixed to these stretcher bars with the help of staple gun or push pins before sewing.

Strecher bars are ideally rectangular in shape but they are available in many shapes these days. The stretcher bars for canvas are available with interlocking corners. Miter joints are largely used apart from butt joints that are great when used with gussets for fixing the corners of a stretcher bar.

Finding the right stretcher bars has become a lot easier than ever with the arrival of various online stretcher bar warehouses. These stretcher bar warehouses offer different types of stretcher bars for different purposes. There are medium (standard) duty stretcher bars or strips that are used by a majority of framers and artists. These are 3/4" deep x 1 5/8" wide and have slightly raised round-over face edge. Then you have these light duty stretcher bars. These are very economical and are suitable for stretching smaller canvass. These are 5/8" deep x 1 3/16" wide and are made to give your canvas art a touch of style without having to burn a hole in your wallet.

You can further opt for medium/ heavy duty – Goldilocks. The 1 3/16" deep x 1 3/16" wide medium/heavy duty stretcher bars are ideal for you. However, if you are looking for exceptional quality with reasonable price, then heavy duty midi bars are just the right choice for you. While super heavy duty “Big Brutes” strecher bars are excellent for stretching vast canvases for painting or embroidering. These 1 1/2 deep" x 2" wide stretcher bars for canvas are the “big bully” one to go with for your large canvas that requires a big and sturdy foundation.

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