Stretch Marks Removal Reviews

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Stretch mark removal is the biggest topic on the minds of people who suffer from them. That is very understandable since stretch marks can be such a nuisance. They can make you feel self conscious, and lower self esteem. Stretch marks are a form of skin scarring. They can occur from pregnancy, puberty, obesity, bodybuilding, and large weight gains in a short period of time. These things cause the dermis to stretch more than it can tolerate, thus stretch marks form. Good thing for us we live in today’s modern world where there are methods of stretch mark removal available.

When it comes to stretch mark removal there are 2 major methods that are geared directly for stretch mark removal, and 1 other method that can remove stretch marks, but is not geared specifically for it.

Several methods have been proposed for the removal of these marks. Home remedies, creams, and professional treatment, has been successful for some people, but it must be remembered that although the appearance can often be reduced the break goes too deep to be completely removed. Consultation with a dermatologist or other skin specialist is required to have a complete stretch mark removal and, even then, it may not produce the exact results desired.

Among professional methods of stretch mark removal advertised are: dermabrasion which is a peeling approach of the outer skin; chemical peels which burn off the top layer of the skin with acid; laser treatment which is applying an electrical charge to remove the outer layer of the skin, and blue light therapy which is often used to remove tattoos and lightens stretch marks. In cases where the stretch mark is small or very narrow these methods may help. It should be noted that these methods work on the outer layer, but do not get to the inner layer where the break is. Plastic surgery and tummy tucks remove both the upper and lower skin. These are quite expensive but do get rid of the entire stretch mark. There are other surgical procedures which can remove specific areas; however, it is important to remember that what can be removed depends on the amount of surplus skin available. Most of the medical profession refers to stretch marks as 'scars' that are difficult to completely remove.

Perhaps it is a skin embellishment most women (and men) are embarrassed of having. Despite it being nature's way of proving no one is perfect, we try to hide this flaw by applying whichever product could assist us in removing stretch marks.

Stretch marks are scars that can be attained after a pregnancy. Sometimes, if your weight balloons up and down on the weighing scale, chances are you may also have these. Body-building and intense physical activity can also leave you with stretch marks. That is because the skin is over-stretched and the amount of collagen that is normally produced in your body is disrupted, creating a scar.
They can appear everywhere and anywhere on everyone and anyone. Chances are, they will be on parts of our bodies where fat is stored. The most common parts are the abdomen, upper arms, under arms, thighs, breasts and buttocks.

For women who had just given birth, stretch marks are usually reddish or purple. Their colors fade later on. As soon as the body returns to its original state and size, stretch marks are less noticeable.
However, they remain darker than your normal complexion and may seem dirty when you look at it. This is why most people would love to have their stretch marks remove - and fast.

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