Stretch Marks: How To Get Rid From It?

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Stretch Marks are those little discolored marks in our skin that remind us of several things happening in our lives at different times. It could be from our happy days during our pregnancy to our desperate times during weight gain. No matter what the stretch marks remind us of, it is something we want to get rid of and soon. Here are few tips on how to get rid of those white marks of our history.

During Pregnancy: If you have already found out that you are pregnant, get by hand a bottle of Vitamin E capsule, and massage oil you have taken from the capsule all over the areas, depending on where you want to prevent stretch marks. The routine should be done twice daily, after your daily shower. Other basic way of getting rid from stretch mark during the body changes in pregnancy is drinking water as much as you can. It keeps you and your baby healthy and stays away from getting too dry skin that is possible from causing stretch marks. We also recommended using cocoa butter stick every day. This could help you from avoiding stretch mark although it will make your skin stretchable. The Vitamin E and cocoa butter stick are the most highly recommended because they work faster.

Losing Weight: Stretch mark occurred when you gain weight. It is obviously frequent to those who have lost significant amounts of weight. Stretch mark typically more noticeable after the weight is lost because the skin is no longer stretched. When you are planning to lose your weight it is necessary that you know a certain methods on how to avoid stretch mark. There are lots of those methods that you can avoid for having stretch mark. Applying hydrating moisturizer to the dry area of your skin daily will keep your skin supple and less vulnerable to stretch marks. You have to eat nutritious food that contains Vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C & Vitamin E Zinc and silica. It will able to help you losing your stretch mark the same with losing your weigh.

Breasts and Stretch Marks: A stretch mark can also occur to those breast feeding women or big breasted due to the sudden growth of their breast. It is necessary to use a proper bra in order to uphold and avoiding from wilting. Usually stretch marks appear when the bra wilt to women breasted. Having a healthy diet and cocoa butter is still the best way to avoid and minimize stretch marks.

Body Building: Stretch marks happen due to constant repetitive exercises. Try to keep from getting muscles too quickly or lifting heavy equipment too many times in a set. While you are working to reach your body building goal use the steps above, you may also be required a visit to your dermatologist to prescribe serotonin or retin A. This prescription will help while the stretch marks are still pinkish or a reddish brown.

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