Stretch Marks - Is it possible to remove?

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Ugly stretch marks usually appear among women after they give birth or when a person gains weight. They are never pleasant, and they will remain long after weight has been lost or a baby has been born. When stretch marks are just recently formed, these are bright pink or red but turn whitish or any color that is a bit closer to you skin tone. Stretch marks are more evident when a person tans because these will remain the same color which is very different from the rest of the body. Stretch marks make a person really self-conscious that he or she is always looking for an effective treatment to get rid of the stretch marks for good.

Knowing how to avoid stretch marks can help in removing your worries about getting them. Although it is not always possible to avoid the formation of stretch marks, you can still do something to avoid them. People usually don't notice weight gain fast enough to stop them from forming, but someone who is expecting a child has notice. Therefore, pregnant women can apply lotion on their bellies to avoid the skin to be stretched quickly. The lotion is able to keep the skin smooth and supple which prevents the development of stretch marks although the skin is actually stretching. The most recommended type of lotion is cocoa butter. It certainly is worth a shot though.

Some creams in the market today are marketed as effective removers of stretch marks. Most of these can actually make a stretch mark fade but not completely remove it. The skin that has been stretched is scarred in a way, and most scars can not be removed without surgery. Even then, they may not completely disappear. There are some who offer surgery to remove stretch marks, but you may want to ask about expected results before you go in so you know what to expect and so that you won't be totally disappointed.

Even though it is inevitable to avoid stretch marks or it is close to impossible to have them completely removed, it is comforting to know that stretch marks usually develop in places that are covered with clothes. Stretch marks can cause a big problem if you want to wear a bikini or trunks but these stretch marks remain hidden if you are wearing your usual comfortable clothes. The fact is that stretch marks are usually an issue of self-esteem although there are worse problems that a person can experience. And on the contrary, some women do not want their stretch marks to be removed because they consider these their medals or awards in lovingly carrying their kids in their wombs.

Stretch marks can now become a thing of the past because of this newest breakthrough in stretch mark removal products. You can read many Cosmetyn reviews to see how it works and the phenomenal results that its users are raving about.

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