Strengthening of Infrastructure

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U.S. defense force Corps repaired and restored 220 miles of floodwalls and levees since September 2005. With a few exceptions, the New Orleans hurricane guard system is in equal or better condition than it was when Katrina hit. For example, levees and flood walls have been armored to protect against corrosion from possible overtopping in several areas, and pumping stations are being hurricane proofed. Floodgates have been added at the outfall canal to protect against hurricane surge and a tree cutting program on existing levees for protection is ongoing.

This job consisted of 59 separate creation projects, carried out by 26 Corps contractors 90% of them local. The company continues to construct stronger protection for New Orleans by engineering, constructing and improving hurricane and flood protection infrastructure to a 100 year protection level. This work includes advanced levees, stronger floodwalls and larger interior drainage capacity, including:
Replacing failed I Wall intend floodwalls with stronger Twall or L wall design floodwalls.

Reinforce the most vulnerable unharmed I Walls and the surge protection closures.
In order to look into the levee breakage and prevent them from reoccurring, the company commissioned an Interagency Performance Evaluation Task Force (IPET) composed of 150 subject matter expert from government, academia and industry to analyze the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the hurricane protection system and to increase a list of lessons learned which are leading to state of the art improvements in the engineering of a comprehensive hurricane protection system.

IPET findings and recommendations have been frequently provided to the Corps’ task force since November 2005 and have been used to construct levee repairs stronger and better. IPET findings helped the company in the assessment of weaknesses in the protection system and IPET results will also be used in plan guidance to build future protection projects.

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