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In order to be a successful at performing street magic, you need to understand the system well. You need to have the right mindset and know the rules of the street. It is vital to know how to do street magic tricks and illusions to get audience.

One of the biggest problems for the beginners is the lack of focus. It is vital to laser focus to what you are doing and get rid of annoying distractions.

The street as a stage can be very interesting place especially in big and crowded cities. The natural actors of the street can be seen as distractions and obstacles for many beginner street magicians who attempt to learn street magic. You will learn how to cope with these obstacles and even use them to your advantage while you performing on the street.

A highly successful street magician understands and actually knows his audience. It is much easier to perform to audience if you already know and understand it well. Because by knowing more about them, you can more likely predict their moves and reactions. Thus you will get the power to be able to give them exactly what they want.

Since the ancient times, the magicians have never revealed their secrets. If they do that, they lose their power in the eyes of the audience. People then lose the wonder they have for the performance.

All street magic tricks and illusions can lose its magic instantly whenever the secret illusion behind it is revealed. Keeping the secrets to yourself will help you keep your power as the master magician and leave your audience always wondering how the heck you just did that trick.

Similarly doing the same magic more than once to the same audience is an important rule in street magic. Because there is the risk that people may really try to catch you out and find out the steps on how to trick was performed. This will reveal your secret which is not desirable among the magicians.

It is always better to leave your audience wanting more. Performing smaller selection of powerful and easy street magic and leaving people wanting more will make you desirable for future performances. Showing too many tricks all at once may cause your audience getting bored which will be very bad for a street magician.

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