Street Fighter IV - A legendary Fight

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Fighting games brings the action, intensity and attitude for the players to their console. These fighting games are a great lure for the people who admire action and thrill.

Street Fighter IV brings the legendary fighting series back to its roots by creating a truly extraordinary experience that will re-introduce the world to the time-honored art of virtual martial arts. Robust and challenging single-player modes, strong online multiplayer and gorgeous visuals make this a must-have for any fighter fan.

The Street Fighter fundamentals have remained consistent over the years. All 12 of the classic world warriors--Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Blanka, E. Honda, Zangief, Guile, Dhalsim, Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M. Bison--are back and playable from the outset, and they're joined by six brand-new and diverse characters. Character balance is absolutely spot-on across the entire roster, and as a result, players should never feel that they can't compete simply because they have chosen one character over another.

Street Fighter IV game has six-button controls for the game return, with a host of new special moves and features integrated into the gameplay system. Street Fighter IV features models and backgrounds rendered in 3D, the gameplay remains on a traditional 2D plane, while the camera is free to move in 3D at certain times during fights, for dramatic effect. Focus attacks make players vulnerable to damage because they need to be standing still to charge them. The other new combat features are new powered up moves called Ultra Combos. Like standard combos their purpose is to bring out maximum damage on an opponent.

A built-in move list is available through the menu and details all characters' skills, saving players the hassle of fumbling around for the manual. Street Fighter IV Fight pad controller for the Xbox 360, designed specifically for fighting game fans for improved precise control while playing the game.

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