Streamlining business communications

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The old adage that time is money has never been more appropriate than in today’s business market. Thirty years ago the fastest that a written business communication could be made between companies or branches of the same business was however long it took to get a motorcycle courier from one place to another. This was expensive and really only viable where the journey was within the same city. Other than that, getting written communications such as orders, plans or pictures delivered was reliant on the Royal Mail.

Of course, that all changed with the explosion of computers and electronic messaging, better known as e-mail, and now we can send and receive written documents or pictures within seconds. Unfortunately, this ease of communication has not gone unnoticed by many marketeers and email became a great marketing tool. In itself this is not a problem, and if the marketing materials were only being sent to existing customers who would have an interest in the contents, e-marketing would be a fantastic thing. However, in order to crack new markets, messages are being blanket emailed to any address that can be obtained. This is referred to as spam and it can be a real nuisance.

Here at MessageStream we know that continuously deleting unsolicited messages every time a computer is switched is irritating and time consuming. Multiplied by the number of staff with computers within your business equals a lot of time over a year, and time is money. Spam filters are essential to save this valuable time and also to make sure that none of the messages is actually carrying any virus that could cause potentially irreparable damage to the computer or indeed the whole business network. Talk to us about how our spam services can streamline your business communications and save time and money.

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