Straw Hats For Parties Are A Fantastic Summer Fun Idea

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Straw hats for parties are somewhat nostalgic. They can also bring back memories of a wonderful vacation at the beach or a tropical island. So when planning a Straw Hat party think warm summer days and cool summer nights. There are several ways to go with the party invitations. One is to use party invitations that look like straw hats and slip a pair of sunglasses in the envelope with them. Another would be to get mini hat hats, the tiny ones that are used for crafts or for dressing dolls and toy bears. Slip the hat and an invitation into a padded mailing envelope and send to the guests. Any way you distribute the invites, guests will be intrigued.

Straw hats at parties can be used as a vessel to hold many items at the party. Consider using a mannequin and placing it in the front yard dressed in shorts, a shirt, sunglasses, and …of course a straw hat. An empty lawn chair in the front yard with a bottle of suntan lotion, a tall glass with a straw and drink umbrella, a pair of sunglasses, and a very large straw hat, will look like someone was there and just got up and will work just as well.

Using straw hats for themes works well for a backyard party. Decorate the refreshment table with a red and white or blue and white checkered tablecloth. Use upside down straw hats lined with foil and then napkins as bowls to hold chips. Place plastic bowls inside upside-down straw hats and fill with dip. Napkins and knives, forks and spoons slipped into an upside-down straw hat look great.

When the party guests arrive, meet them at the front door with a ....what else …big straw hat. Play music in the background. From indoor speakers to outdoor speakers to wireless to water resistate speakers. Now, in the event that the party takes a beach-like turn, play beach music and have a dance contest. Remember those mini straw hats, well get some extras. Put a dot of glue on a toothpick or cut wood skewers in half and put a dot on the cut end. Glue the little mini straw hats to the toothpicks (party toothpicks in various colors would work well for this) and the result is straw hat drink umbrellas!


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