Straightening Frizzy Messy Curls

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You could choose wisely to make the frizzy messy curls to look nice straight, like gels, leave in conditioners, hot oil treatments and any other hair tools. But this is not means that they would be effective in any situation. Be very very careful!

For example, if you have straightened your hair with Rusk, don't use Phyto-specific until your hair grow out and be cut off. Or you would end up with hair loss and even no hair at all. Although the relaxer is a real good one, you should have to be careful with it.

Also don't use hair straightener and hair relaxer on your hair in the same day, because the hair regular relaxers are not designed for this use. If you do this, you would damage your hair. The only system designed to be used with a hair straightener is Thermal Reconditioning. But it's expensive:(.

When you blow dry the hair, you must pull the hair with a round brush, and keep rolling the brush while you drying. Or you will end up with a frizzy mess hair. If you don't want to blow dry, you can tie your hair in a ponytail and let it dry. Then divide it into sections and hair straightener straight.

Most of us are not chemical experts, we use the product only according to the directions on the package. Usually, the manufacturer put an instruction to ask us that the processing time is 20 minutes, to avoid people who hair straightening hair at home from over processing.

Now, all that being said, you need to develop a system and find out with products work for you. As an example, my hair is natural curly with a little frizzy messy, and I only hair straightener twice a week, and my hair has a naturally straight look. And here is my own method, share with everyone here:

Wash the hair with Redken Smooth Down Shampoo, and condition with Redken Smooth Down Butter treat (For super curly, frizzy hair, Redken All Soft Heavy Cream might work better). Before blow dry, you must put in a leave in conditioner with smoothing activity. Rub hands together to emulsify and distribute through hair. If that mixture is too rich for your hair, try the lighter ones and iron safe. It makes hair super smooth and soft.

Next, either blow dry with the brush, it will take some practice to master) or air dry your hair in a pony tail (blow drying will make it last longer though, and the hair looks nicer). Once hair is dry put a drop of Redken smooth down Heat Glide on your hand, again, emulsify and distribute all throughout your hair. Do not use more than a drop or too (according to your hair length and volume) the stuff is super concentrated, and if you use too much it will make your hair look oily. Then hair straightener section by section. You will have, super straight, super smooth, super shiny hair, that will last for days. By the way, you should invest in a good hair straightener. If you are using a cheap one, then the battle is lost. I recommend the Solia, get the 1 inch one, it works great.

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