Stop Pollution. Help Save the World by Not Using Electricity from Fossil Fuel

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Many electric companies and other electricity suppliers have been using fossil fuels as a means in producing electricity. This form of energy is a natural source but is now facing impending depletion as this source of energy is not a renewable kind. Maybe not now but it is still bound to happen. Fossil fuels are found and produced from deteriorated living organisms such as plants and animals from the years that have passed as far as the discovery of production of electricity from fossil fuels. Natural gas, coal and petroleum oil are the three forms of energy that can be harvested from these fuels. These energies are easy to extract, costs only a little amount of money and are very available anytime but for about 60 years only. With that said, a new energy source that is both renewable and efficient must be used for producing electricity in case fossil fuels are no longer available.

The kinds of energies that are harvested from fossil fuels are able to provide us with electricity that is used by appliances among other things that can be found in a household. Two of the most produced product from these fuels is electricity and gasoline. Another product from fossil fuels is crude oil but the fact that they cannot be produced with the use of synthetic materials, this kind of product is a non renewable form of energy. Companies such as gas stations, anywhere in the world, runs their business by selling petroleum oil and gas that is used to make any transportation vehicle run, except for the electric type ones. The fact that gas and crude oil are products that are harnessed from fossil fuel, which is a non-renewable form of energy and is soon to be depleted in the future; another alternative must be used in order to counteract the imminent problem that may happen in the future.

Ever since the industrial age, fossil fuels have brought us many benefits and have proven its efficiency in helping the industrialization of our planet. The problem is, by seeing too much advantage from the products of fossil fuels that are used everyday, the fact that this form of energy faces depletion has been overlooked. Additionally, the use of this form of energy contributes to pollution. From the deadly smokes that come from factories and vehicles, acid rains and other global issues have arisen.

Many environmentalists have been teaching schools, companies and other people in public as to how to save our planet from the dangers that it faces now. Air pollution and water pollution has been a problem since hazardous smokes and fluids are thrown to the sea and emitted from ships. The government too has been doing their part by apprehending offenders that just makes our environment’s situation worst.

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