Stop Frizzy Hair Dead

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Frizzy, curly hair is a problem for many women because this type of hair can be difficult to manage and control. Getting rid of any frizz and unwanted curls is only part of the issue. Figuring out how to give your hair that desirable straight, silky look can be something else entirely.

Even if your hair is fairly straight, some women still run into issues with frizz after getting their hair permed or colored. The main cause of this unexpected frizz is hair damage. Damaged hair tends to lose moisture resulting in dry, brittle, frizzy hair.

Such things as excess use of hair products, heart italian charms, perming, or frequent use of blow-dryers can also contribute to frizzy hair in some cases. To turn your frizzy hair into soft, silky hair requires some planning, care, and nourishment to undo the damage and to restore the moisture balance.

Essentials oils can go a long way to keep that precious moisture in your hair and should be considered a must in the treatment of frizzy hair. Harsh chemicals like sodium, lithium hydroxide, and any alcohol-derivatives should be avoided. Focus on selecting good quality products specifically designed for frizzy hair and make sure to trim your hair at least once every two months or so.

It is very helpful to talk to your stylist when selecting the proper products for your hair. Picking the right shampoo, conditioner shop for italian charms and any specialized lotions will depend on your hair type and the condition of your hair. Which product is the best certainly depends on a variety of factors. Even when it comes to which essential oils to use, there is no exact science. There are many factors to consider such as the amount of oils naturally produced by your scalp, the extent of any hair treatments, the amount of moisture in your environment, etc. Generally, using specialized pomade is the preferred method of controlling frizzy hair rather than just relying on your shampoo and conditioner.

Besides these types of over-the-counter hair products, another option is to get your hair professionally straightened. This can result in a dramatic improvement to your hair, albeit the result is only temporary. Another downside of this method is that it can be quite costly.

One more affordable alternative is to get a good straightening iron and straighten your hair to remove any unwanted wave or frizz. If you do decide to use a straightening iron, make sure not to do it too often. The heat from the straightening iron can cause additional damage and remove more moisture from your hair, leading your hair to become even frizzier!

If you're using a straightening iron, seriously consider getting a good specialized conditioner or spray to apply prior to straightening your hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry before straightening and limit the use of your hot iron to maybe two to four times a week max.

If you do decide to use a special styling product or a leave-in conditioner, it can be very beneficial to use some kind of a clarifying shampoo once in a while to clear out any accumulated product that's left in your hair. By following all these tips and paying attention, your straighter frizz-free hair is not too far off!

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