Still Life Passion

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When a female artist was a child back then, she loved drawing horses as much as she loved riding them. What her career involves is painting horses and other subjects of the natural world and this is all thanks to her early training and many years of experience as an artist. Horses, hens, reindeer and especially dogs can be seen in her pastel and watercolor paintings.

She and her family moved to the present county from Philadelphia when she was 11. Her father was a commercial artist who painted as a hobby, as are her mother and her sister. Considered to be real important to an artist by her father is drawing. Considering the structure of the animals she paints, these details are evident.

Her love of painting animals has expanded to painting dogs and cats. Two dogs and a cat can be found in the present home she shares with her husband. Painting pets for private commissions is something she also does.

With regard to how light distinctly stands out in her paintings, this may be the bright white of daylight or the darker amber hues of evening. What she cares a lot about in her paintings is having a sense of light. Such is a reason for her making use of watercolor. She said that watercolor is a series of transparent washes that go over the paper. Even a white piece of paper can glow with it. When it comes to oil paint, you create light in a different manner. Light is revealed as everything around it is painted.

It is necessary for artists to paint around the white when using watercolor. The process that follows the use of oil is painting in the dark shadows and then adding the light. Taking on the challenge of luminosity in oil paintings is what the artist wants to deal with in her career. She loves the impressionists and would like to spend some years painting in oil.

Nowadays, she draws her inspiration from her move to the present location at the countryside from the former town. She has been exploring the back roads, photographing old farmhouses and landscapes in the foothills. She said she is very much concerned about those old farmhouses that get torn down. When it comes to acknowledging and protecting the old houses, she feels the urgent need to paint them. It is the historic architecture which she loves.

You can say that this artist is also passionate about still life paintings. Suggested subtly by her are texture and detail instead of painting realistically or with a photographic style. She has paintings of pets which focus on both the detail and the animal's facial expressions. Where she went to other than a known school of art is the Maryland institute college of art in Baltimore. Although she has worked as a nurse for much of her career, she has been painting portraits professionally since she was 25. It was during the ensuing years when her painting reputation was built up in the areas of architectural subjects, florals, portraits, and pets. She is still a nurse for a day a week.

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