Stickers for new school crossing patrols

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Custom stickers and posters are a few of the things being adopted by a number of schools in Cambridgeshire in an attempt to stop lollipop men and women being abused by drivers.

More than 6,000 stickers and posters have been sent home with reception year children attending local schools in the area.

These custom stickers have been designed with the campaign slogan ‘Stop Means Stop’ which will be appealing to drivers to slow down and respect lollipop men and women who are helping children cross the road.

The campaign has been launched after a number of reports of drivers shouting abuse at lollipop men and women who have been helping children cross the road. Additionally, there have been reports of drivers even revving their engines in an intimidating way.

Cambridgeshire County Council now hopes that drivers will stop and respect the crossings which have in fact only been set up for the safety of children crossing the road on their way to and from school.

Speaking to The Cambridge News, Andy Swallowe, school crossing patrol service manager for the council said: “School crossing patrol officers play a vital role in ensuring schoolchildren are provided with a safe route to and from school.

“They should be able to do this without fear of intimidation and threatening behaviour from inconsiderate motorists.”

The campaign has also been set up to remind motorists that they have to stop at school crossings under the 1984 Road Traffic Act. If they fail to do this, they could face getting three points on their license and fines of £1000.

And if drivers continue to disregard the campaign and legal regulations police may be able to issue a section 59 notice for antisocial behaviour. This would lead to the car being seized by police officers.

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