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Sterilization is the process by which the spores, live cells and viruses are completely destroyed. While "tubal sterilization" not "kill" anything, tubal ligation prevents sperm to swim toward the egg for fertilization. When a doctor performs tubal ligation, the fallopian tubes of women are stuck on each side to prevent fertilization by the desire of this woman not to have children in the future. Unfortunately, up to 15% of women regret this decision and after tubal sterilization want to get pregnant again. The Tubal Reversal surgery is a safe and effective for women who wish to become pregnant again.
In tubal sterilization reversal, doctors remove the blockage of the fallopian tube to open the way for a process of natural birth. For tubal sterilization, women turn to be emotionally and physically. The best candidates for reversing tubal sterilization in women who have an appropriate amount of the fallopian tube reanastomosis to return. A microsurgical tubal reanastomosis is best done if both sides of the tube have a similar diameter tubes to reach the fallopian tube back together.
Tubal ligation is not micro-surgical techniques. This is the reason that tubal reversal surgery is also known as micro-surgical tubal reanastomosis. Tubal reversal surgery since the procedure, the patient medical tests first, and perhaps the partners to ensure that the Tubal Reversal is not opposed in infertile women. These tests to determine if a woman is a good candidate for tubal translated. Women must be both physically and mentally prepared for tubal reversal surgery as well.
Doctors also advise patients to take prenatal vitamins before, engaged in exercise regimen, and to stop smoking before surgery to reverse tubal. This will not only prepare the patient and her partner physically but also emotionally. Having tubal reversal surgery and a new pregnancy and the baby are both very demanding and challenging.
Tubal ligation permanently blocks the fallopian tube through which women can conceive a child. Tubal ligation is generally regarded as a permanent solution to prevent pregnancy. When most women decide to have a tubal ligation, I am absolutely sure that they do not want more children in the rest of their lives. But later, when life changes, many women want to have another child and the desire to reverse tubal ligation reversal that also.
Sometimes women do not want ligation reversal is a child, but would like to translate all the problems were the result of tubal ligation. Some women complain that they have worsened over the weight gain and tubal ligation syndrome (pain after tubal ligation). Although the Tubal reversal does not always lead to fixing these issues, some women do not feel better after the tubal reversal surgery.
Tubal Ligation Reversal is the best way to be pregnant after tubal ligation.
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