Steps To Cut Your Own Hair

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You donít need to waste your time and money on beauty salons.
Most people donít realize but itís actually quite easy to cut your own hair at home once you have learned the basic steps. Apart from saving money and time, you will enjoy the satisfaction from being your own hairstylist and you can trim your hair more often so your look is always perfect.
Most people that have learned how to cut your own hair actually prefer to cut their hair. Itís not that they donít like hairstylists, but itís the saving in time, money and styling yourself is fun and can be additive. And once your family and friends see that you know how to cut hair they will be asking for a haircut too.
Make sure you use proper hairdressing scissors and not cheap household scissors. You will also need a spray water bottle, comb, large mirror, blow dryer and drop cloth for catching your cut hair.
Always wash and towel dry your hair first. Cutting dirty hair will not give a good result. Leave the hair damp so that it is much easier to cut. Comb your hair straight and if your hair dries out spray with water to keep damp.

Plan how you are going to cut your hair before you start. Beginners are recommended to only trim small amounts from the length in case you make a mess and have to go to a hairdresser to fix it. It you cut too much you will have to live with a bad haircut until your hair grows back. When you begin cutting, use your fingers to hold the hair and cut along the side of your fingers. Your fingers become the cutting guide to ensure you have the correct length and the cut is straight.
Take your time. Donít try to cut your hair too quickly. Check your hair after every cut to ensure your cuts are straight and even length. Finish each section before moving onto the next section. Cutting your hair at the back of your head is the most difficult but made easier by using a second mirror behind you. If you have long hair the simplest method is to lower your head and comb your hair over your head in front of you. Make one straight cut across the hair then flick you hair back again.
Beginners should not try to attempt re-styling or cutting your hair in layers until you are much more experienced. When you first start out do not expect to get perfect results the first time. It will take some time and practice to acquire these skills. It is recommended to buy a book or hairdressing course that contains step-by-step instructions on how to cut your own hair as well as menís and womenís hair. You may also want to learn how to color, highlight, perm, style and blow dry.

Learning how to cut hair in layers and learning how to cut hair your own hair is fun and easy.

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