Steps of successful makeup

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To achieve a perfect makeup with a professional finish is important to follow some steps, let's see what these steps to make up in a clean and professional.
The first step in any makeup is to prepare your skin well and is one of the most important steps as this will get fixed either the product. We start with a moisturizer and eye contour. To get a look "good face" we apply a PRE BASE immediately.

The next step is to apply a foundation. Choose a basis of the same skin tone, the purpose of the database is to unify the skin, so apply a foundation, can be smooth, compact, mousse ... according to the needs of the skin and the level of coverage you want; As more fluid is the most natural base is the result.

Another important step when it comes to makeup are the corrections, this step could say that is what distinguishes a professional makeup that is not ... They should be perfect, correct imperfections and dark circles with the help of a spell. With the correct spelling possible spots, spots ... any skin imperfection.

The next step is to set the product we have implemented and prevent shiny throughout the day, for it will apply a layer of translucent powder. Dust translucent color does not give all I get is finely adjusted skin, apply a soft layer around the face (also shaded area outline)

The next step will be to apply a touch of color in his face, for it will apply a touch of bronzer all over your face and just below the cheekbone, with this step will give shape and form to the face.

To add a touch of juiciness apply blusher, just on the highest area of ??the cheekbone. We can apply colors like strawberry, peach, cherry, coral ...

The next step is to up to the eyes, to do this there are many options but the important thing will be to apply the appropriate tones depending on the area of ??the eyelid that go to make up. Give a touch of light tones just below the eyebrow and tear area, in the mobile eyelid can apply any shade, from a nude or a deep black mink, we choose the tones taking into account the times of the day and the situation.

Once we have the eye makeup, and we cannot neglect the passage of mascara, is a very important step to get an intense look.

The next step to get a good makeup will make up the lips, for it will apply a lipstick. To obtain a volume effect on the lips and mouth moist look right in the center apply a touch of gloss.

The last step is to enlighten, to choose a product this illuminator to provide light in areas that we want to strengthen as the cheeks, just below the eyebrow, upper lip (if we give volume)

With all these steps will get a perfect make-up step by step.

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