Step Into The Dark Side

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We're engaged in fixing up for our family weekend vacation. Well essentially, we were to attend my aunties 50th golden wedding anniversary. It has been months past since I have not been home to Leeds. The last time I was there was during Christmas and I just stayed there for around a week. My mom would perpetually bid us adieu with a heavy heart embracing her grandchildren tightly and would choke back a tear as she closes the car door. I reckon, however, that even though my mom tries to act as if everything's alright but in reality she does have a heavy heart towards me for not being able to have my kids, her grandchildren, visit much. You know how old folks are with their grandbabies.

Anyway, all of the children things were ready for the travel. My better half had come home from work at the earliest feasible timeframe to help with loading all the things that we are going to bring in the automobile. Hes very finicky you might say and a workaholic. He could not live without his laptop and will constantly take work with him no matter where he goes. Since its nearly 12 midnight, I quickly completed packing up since I desire to be moving very early the next day. I was about to lie down on bed and call it a night when he asked me if I have already taken care of all the electronic devices that we would bring such as the camera, palm organizer, Mp3 player, mobile phone and the likes. "I only require one thing that does it all, my Motorola RAZR2 V8 Dark Pearl Mobile Phone", was my instant reply. This mobile phone is remarkable for all around utilization.

Having the stainless steel form brandmark of the early models of RAZRs, the Motorola RAZR2 V8 Dark Pearl has a very exquisite and superior quality design. The phone its dual screen and of its biggest external video display featuring a two inch screen that comes perfect with touch screen music control buttons. The internal twoMP camera gets each remarkable moment in high-res and can be viewed ideally in the internal 2.2" screen. The mobile phone not only gets pics but also videos and can zoom in digitally up to 8x. You can likewise record moving video footages and edit it our or share it with your friends over the messaging functions or via the wireless Bluetooth connection. With simply a tap of your fingers, listening to your favorite music will be as easy as ever with the external touchscreen possessing the outer music controllers. The Motorola RAZR2 V8 also plays all music formats. Email, Phone Book and Calendar synchronizing via wires is a a thing of the past with this mobile phone with the Ideal MotoSync technology that permits you to synchronize all you information over the air. Going online is as easy as ever with the integrated HTML web browser, impeccable for seeing different social networking web sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Therefore why would I necessitate to take numerous gadgets when everything I want is just fixed on the palm of my hands? My husband was awestruck and bought one online.

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