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Have planned a trip to Spain, but the thought of sky high International roaming rates giving you nightmares already? Worried you would not be able to stay much in touch with your loved ones back home while exploring the beauty of the Spanish locales? Stop worrying now, because in the smart world of today, there is no dearth of smart ways to get your work done, and save money too. Technology has changed the world, and for every problem, there are so many solutions. If international roaming is scaring you off, go for an international calling card, or a spain sim card, and bid adieu to scary international roaming rates.

Getting a spain sim card beforehand means you do not have to worry about not being able to stay connected while on your spain trip any more. International cell phone and International sim card companies like Clay provide specialised services for providing International Calling cards, Spain Sim Cards and the new age International sim cards as well. And not just this, for those who need to use the internet really frequently, even when they are travelling, like those international customers going to Spain on a tour or business purposes, there are special high end 3G data cards, that are fast, reliable, and totally value for money. For stay in Spain, go for a specialised spain sim card. And if Spain is not going to be your sole destination, and you would be visiting other countries as well, in a single tour, along with Spain, International cell phone and international sim card service providers like Clay also provide Global sim services, customised country specific sims with low phone rentals and calling rates.

Buying a Spain Sim card, or an international calling card is convenient, hassle free, and extremely convenient. All these companies deliver your order at your doorstep, prior to your departure date, so that you can stay connected with your friends from day 1 of your stay abroad. A spain sim card, or an international calling card is also extremely easy on your pocket, considerably so in face of sky high international roaming charges. These prepaid Spain sim cards and International calling cards come with a lot of features to give you quality cellular experience. Free Incoming calls, Itemised Billing, options to pay in the currency of your country, advance delivery of your Spain sim card before your departure from home, Voicemail facility, 24x7 customer support, all that you would want, to keep you tension free during your stay. In case of an International calling card, you can buy and activate it online anytime you like, and save money while using Hotel room phones and other pay phones.

For 3G data card also, all the above stated features stand true, with the added advantage of the freedom to choose your specific plans and rental schemes according to your usage. Just get one of these extremely handy 3G data cards, and go wherever you want, without losing out on your virtual connectivity, and save lots of money over using your phone for surfing internet!

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