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News plays an important part in our lives. We always want to stay informed about the happenings of the world. Although our fast paced life rarely gives us time to stay connected with news channels and keep track of the latest updates. Most of the news channels on DISH Network provide 24/7 news about the events and happenings occurring round the world.

One such DISH Network channel is FOX News - a 24 hour news channel. From 6 A.M to 5 P.M Eastern Time it offers latest news updates about the occurrences of the world every hours followed by in-depth reports on various topics. These could be related to entertainment, sports, health, business, lifestyle, family, psychology and politics. During the prime time FOX news delivers engaging one hour news analyzing the events of the day and featuring newsmakers' interviews. You can get live news updates round the clock.

CNN news is another such 24 hours news channel. It delivers the latest breaking news, top stories of the day, weather updates, sports, business news and other headlines that make exclusive news article of the day. Weather Channel is another DISH Network channel that broadcasts weather related news and weather forecasts along with some entertaining programs related to weather 24 hours a day. You can also get Weather Channel HD from DISH Network Satellite TV. Bloomberg TV is a 24 hours news channel that is dedicated to business and financial news. This Satellite TV channel is in competition with CNBC and FOX News Channel in US.

Most of us love to watch "Breaking News" because it is all about news that has currently occurred. According to a survey it has been found that American diligently watch the prime time news, but the local news matters to them most. Network news broadcast are popular among Americans but the news close to their homes valued them most. Local news carries more weight because the information provided in the local news has an immediate effect. So with DISH HD News channels at their homes people have almost shun newspapers. The readership of news magazines, business magazine, literary magazines and political magazines is drastically going down.

In spite of all these, news remains an integral part of an average American. Most of them follow news morning, noon and night. The morning news is prevalent in almost all major demographic groups. Therefore through Satellite TV service you can keep yourself updated. It has been found that women prefer to watch pay TV news while men change their preference for other alternatives. Women prefer to watch DISH Network news as they seem to be pre-occupied during the prime time news. So, TV becomes a convenient method for them to keep themselves updated. Even the elderly love to watch news as they mostly like facts than fiction.

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